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Madrid Tourist Guides private museum and walking tours

Aranjuez, Avila and Segovia, Escorial, Toledo personalized Tours from Madrid in private Van.

Madrid Museum Tours

For all individual Madrid travelers who demand private tours to Aranjuez, Chinchon, Avila and Segovia, Escorial Royal Monastery, Valley of the Fallen and Toledo, Madrid Museum Tours is the best solution. Our official guides will provide to our clients a deep immersion in the historical origins of Spain, exploring its most emblematic spots. Our car tours are in English, German. Russian, Italian, French and Spanish.




History Tours. dk

Historian Christian Holm Donatzky of History Tours arranges guided walking tours and events in Copenhagen.
Each tour focuses on a particular period. During the walks you will be taken into the life of the city in that period. Christian will tell about the look of the city and the people of the city. You will hear about the role of the places and buildings in the history of Copenhagen and Scandinavia.

Private tours, events and quizzes can be arranged by appointment. Events are arranged to match your specific needs and wishes.




Don & Barry’s Historic Strolls Kinsale

Barry Moloney is a storyteller, historian, publisher and surfer. He has guided Don & Barry’s Kinsale Historic Stroll for several years to rave reviews.

Don Herlihy is economist, historian and storyteller, began his Kinsale Historic Stroll 19 years ago to recover from ‘history’ as taught to him in school.

Stroll and sit with Don Herlihy and Barry Moloney to enjoy a colorful story of Kinsale down the ages from Medieval walled town to the sinking of the Lusitania.




Lisbon 4Smile

We are a team of 4 fully qualified and experienced tour guides.
We will take you to places you will never forget and that you wouldn’t necessarily find by yourself.

We organize and conduct Private Tours of Lisbon and surroundings, for individual travelers  and groups, in English, Italian, French and Spanish




Tour Guide of London

Hello, I am Gavin Webb, London Blue Badge Tour Guide. I would be delighted to show you around my wonderful city. I was awarded “Best Site Guide” in 2005 when I qualified as a London Blue Badge Tour Guide after the extensive study and examinations set by the Institute of Tourist Guiding. I love to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for this amazing city with its 2000 years of history and its exciting, vibrant, contemporary scene. I can tell you about my favorite restaurants, exhibitions and theatre productions and what life is really like living and working in the world’s greatest city.  I look forward to welcoming you to my wonderful city.





We offer the special day tours across the Berber villages & valleys of the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco start from Marrakesh city heading the Mountains.
What are some of the logistical challenges of a mountain bike tour in Morocco? Morocco is a barren place where crossing mountain passes and negotiating desert expanses is challenging but wholly doable, and that’s because of the Moroccan can-do attitude.




Guide in Paris

Danièle Louveau-Jouan has been a national guide and interpreter for more than forty years. A passionate and competent guide, who has experienced from the inside the evolutions of a profession that is often unknown. Danièle offers many exciting Paris guided tours in English. German and French.



Rome, Florence, Venice, Tuscany, Verona and more

Avventure Bellissime

The company owners, Monica and Jonathan, started their adventure operating innovative small group tours from Venice to the Venetian countryside. Since then, they have followed their own beliefs and intuition, continuing to expand and develop their business along the same simple lines of Quality tours at affordable prices. ‘’By understanding the wants and needs of the people who travel with us, we have learned what a genuine Italian tour should be’’.




Antonio Doblas

I offer guided tours to the most important monuments of Sevilla, tapas and wines tours, cooking lessons, wine tastings, bike tours, sightseeing by horse carriages, romantic river cruise along Guadalquivir river, ranch tours and balloon tours for groups and individuals. Also tailor – made tours available in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.




Want to experience Slovenia with a local expert?  Licenced local guides are the right for you!




Angela Marí Soler

I’m a licensed tourist guide from Valencia, a member of the Professional Association of the tour guides from the Community of Valencia. I have been working as a local guide since 1999 and I have to say it is my passion.

I can create tailor made tours adapted to your needs. I enjoy meeting people from all nationalities and due to the fact that I have studied several foreign languages, I have also had the chance to learn from other cultures. Come and enjoy Valencia, you will discover an interesting city with an experienced local Guide who speaks English, Italian, German, French, Valencià and Spanish !